Process your claims as fast as possible

At Chubb, our aim is to process your claim as quickly as possible.

On this page you can find details for what to do in the event of an insured loss under your policy, how to submit your claim and an outline of the required documents to support your claim.

To avoid delay and to ensure your claim is handled promptly and efficiently, please take note of the details outlined for how to make a claim.


Online Claim Form

For any assistance, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at: (65) 6398 8776 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am – 5.00pm, excluding Public Holidays)

What to do when faced with an event that is insured under your policy

In respect of medical claims (including travel cancellation) you should submit claims to your private health provider prior to lodgment with Chubb Travel Insurance.

For Travel or Baggage delays, a document must be obtained from the airline or carriers representative involved confirming the flight number, delay period and the reason for the delay.

For checked-in baggage loss, damage or theft immediately (within 24 hours) report to the airline or the carrier involved and submit a claim to them. In many instances they may be responsible for damage and/or loss. Please also obtain a loss/damage Baggage Report from the airline or carriers representative.

Report any other baggage loss or damage to the local authority/police and retain the police report for your records to submit with claim form.

All losses under Travel Documents must be reported to local authorities and written acknowledgment obtained.

For liability claims do not make any admission or offer. Request the claim against you be put in writing.

What you need to submit a claim online: 

  1. Your Details enables Chubb to validate your claim. You must have an email address to submit your claim online.
  2. Supporting Documents vary based on claim type, but any relevant receipts, photographs or quotes should be attached to your online submission to expedite assessment.
  3. Intended Payee Information allows Chubb Travel Insurance to quickly make approved payments.
  4. Advise all claims to us within 30 days of a claim event or as soon as reasonably practicable.
  5. You must submit all supporting documentation, e.g. medical reports, police reports, declarations, receipts, valuations or other such evidence we may request to assist us in the prompt resolution of your claim.
  6. All losses under baggage, personal effects, travel documents and money must be reported to local authorities and/or your transport provider and written acknowledgment obtained.
  7. In respect of medical expenses overseas you should submit claims to your private health insurance provider prior to lodgement with Chubb.
  8. Use the Chubb Assistance Line +65 6836 2922 for specific assistance on all travel emergency matters whilst travelling overseas.

Required documents to submit in support of your claim

  • Completed Claim Form
  • Travel booking confirmation and itinerary

In addition to these the following additional supporting documents are required based on the type of claim you are submitting:

Benefit Being Claimed For Proof of Loss Document
Personal Accident: Accidental Death
  • Copy of Police Report, Certified True Copy of Death Certificate, Autopsy Report, Toxicological Report.
Personal Accident: Permanent Total Disablement
  • Copy of Police Report (if any), Detailed Medical Report, Medical Certificate.
Child Education Grant
  • Copy of birth certificate
Medical Expenses
  • Proof of cost - Original Detailed Pre-Medical / Final Hospitalisation / Post-Medical Bills,
  • Inpatient Discharge Summary, Detailed Medical Report / Memo from Attending Physician on the type of illness or injury sustained.
Compassionate Allowance or Child Guard
  • Original invoices & receipts for purchase of economy class air-ticket or first class rail ticket.
  • Original invoices & receipts of hotel accommodation expenses incurred.
  • Medical report showing details of admission and duration of hospitalisation.
Hospital Income
  • Medical report; and
  • Hospital bill
Personal Liability
  • Letter or Demand of a claim made against you
  • Writs / summons from third party / police / court.
Trip Cancellation or
Trip Curtailment
  • Any documentation that supports the unforeseen circumstances that led to the cancellation or curtailment (e.g. a Medical Report)
  • Certified True copy of death certificate for death cases (where applicable)
  • Please enclose documentary proof of relevant expenses incurred as a result of this trip cancellation or curtailment, original trip booking and invoice, Death Certificate, Medical Report and/or Written Memo from Attending Physician to cancel trip, Proof of Relationship, Travel Agents’ confirmation of the amount of refund.
  • Original Invoice or Receipt of charges incurred in amending or purchasing additional air ticket (for Trip Curtailment).
Travel Delay or
Travel Misconnection or
Flight Diversion or
Travel Overbooked or
Missed Departure
  • Flight Delay / Misconnection / Diversion – enclose the original itinerary, boarding pass showing the actual take off time and date, written confirmation from carrier/airline or their agents specifying reasons for and hours of delay/diversion
Baggage Delay
  • Written confirmation from carrier/airline or their agents specifying reason and the number of hours of baggage delay,
  • Property Irregularity Report
  • Acknowledgement Receipt of baggage received.
  • Proof of additional expenses
Loss of:
Personal Effects and Baggage; or
Personal Money; or Travel Documents
  • Any document that demonstrates proof of ownership; and
  • Any document that adequately supports the amount claimed (replacement invoices or repair quotes); and in the event of robbery, theft burgulary; and
  • A Police Report
  • Original transport and accommodation receipts incurred for the sole purpose of replacing Your Travel Documents
Credit Card Indemnity
  • A Police Report; and
  • Credit Card statement that identifies the fraudulent transactions; and
  • Any correspondence you have received from your card issuer in relation to the fraudulent transactions